Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Kinetic algorithms - Skate

The kinetic algorithm I have chosen to look at is the turning mechanism in the skateboarding game 'Skate'.
When you are travelling at a fair pace in the game and use the analogue stick to turn the skater left or right the sound of the skateboard changes slightly depending on how much you turn.
When this happens the sound seems to get louder and possibly some change in pitch. There may also be some kind of filter going on, possibly a low pass filter.

The amount the sound changes seems to be directly related to how much movement is applied to the analogue stick but it also seems to be affected by the variable of how fast the skater is going.
The variable of what terrain the skater is on may also affect how the sound changes when the player turns the skater.
If the skater is going under a certain speed or the amount of turn applied is not above a certain threshold then there seems to be very little or no sound at all so maybe the algorithm only functions when the speed or turning amounts are above certain values.

The best example of this is at 7:15

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